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E540Vbg Exc Coupe

steve price

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collected manta on tuesday,drove it home from liverpool drives good,needs cosmetic work,cant afford to do a full resto but am going to give her a face lift and use as daily driver

car is 1 owner from new and puchased from lookers gbe in liverpool i have the original purchase invoice,the car was bought for £7850.87p,the owner mr edwin pritchard from wallasey merseyside,he p/x another manta gt/j hatch reg no mlg586y which lookers gave £2000 for in p/x,mr pritchard was an omoc member with the older style omoc badge stil on the screen along with the tax disc holder[omoc] thats in blue/silver blitz logo,the square chrome omoc grille badge,like i say im going to try and do a nice job of the manta and im going to dedicate the car to mr edwin pritchard who has now passed away but was an omoc member around 1999,perhaps someone knew of him or the period according to the disc holder

very interesting


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I offered £1500 for that car mate, gonna need some work tho, hope it serves you well. Did drive ok, i was out in it for about 30mins...brakes need a good going over aswell as the paint work if it's the same car.

Good luck with that, would be good to see it back to it's former glory! :thumbup


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drives ok,done the 250 ish miles without a blip,must be the same car a guy named steve and his gaffer paul,i tried the 1500 route and was told no?

needs a lot of work just to use as a daily run about.out of the question for a full blown rest job as it'l probably,most likely end up me broke and divorced

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