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Fitting Commodore Front Brakes To A Manta

E416 PBO

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I have carried out this conversion to my A series. You can use the Manta A upper ball joints as they will fit the Commodore stub axles. The lowers you will have to change for Commodore/Manta B ball joints which are the same. The steering arms will have to be heated and bent to restore the Ackermann angle.

With the brakes I used the Commodore calipers for a while before changing them for 4 pot Wilwood ones. I had to get an adaptor made to mount them on the stub axles.




Hope this helps,


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Don't bother, just use the hubs supplied by TMJ? to go 5x120 and use bmw brake discs and wheels. loads out there and a massive amount of discs available, i have 305 mm on mine and they were about 40 quid each, messing with steering angles is a pain in the arse :blink:



Back from holiday :lol:

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