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Ascona A Series


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i will give you a ring robbie in a while as its LHD and i may change to RHD if possible and you probably know what i need and dont ;) .

You'll basically need a rhd A series beside you. Whole bulkhead and scuttle panel has to cut out and swapped over. Not impossible, but a hell of a job in my opinion and not really worth it!!

Looking forward to seeing this, might give the old fella motivation to do something with his Ascona A!

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i converted my A series from right to left. Its not that difficult,you need rhd dash and cut out the clutch and throttle pedal point on the bulkhead and swap them over. The battery box might be a bit more of an issue but i moved mine into the boot so i got round that one that way. The bulkhead should be marked up with pilot marks for the pedal box drillings. If you require more info well happy to advise.



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as we all know time goes fast when doing these projects just a few pics of what other things are being done to the shell. roll cage turrets are now in and seam welded to the floor with extra bracing for strength. roll cage from protection and performance is £1000 safety devices from belgium same spec with cross bars and harness bars is £580. asconaarebuil008.jpgasconaarebuil003.jpgasconaarebuil009.jpg

back arches are next for the kit shame as these are mint for a 38 year old motor. full of ziebart and wax oil stuff. will burn well when welding :lol:

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