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Hi everybody,

I bought an A series Manta sr a little over a year ago and have been doing work on it so have not got it on the road yet, I was wondering if anybody has got any info on the cars history its a red 1900 Manta sr but was originally yellow. I would like to know if it is a original sr or if it has been made into an sr, cos on the log book it doesn't say its an sr it just says its a Manta 1900, is this normal or should it state that its a Manta sr also I've done had some online insurance quotes and had some odd suggestions like Manta Turbo and Manta L. the reg is WWE 816M.

Also I would like to know if it still has the original engine.

Thanks for any info given, Ray.

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Most Manta A log books won't have the trim level on them, in fact on my two SR log books one is down as a Manta 1900, the other doesn't even say Manta, the model is blank. If it's a real SR the interior should be all black, the black headlining is the most obvious giveaway. It should also have the three extra guages in the pod under the dash, oil pressure, ameter and clock, and originally it would have had a twin tail pipe exhaust, though most will have lost this by now. You can apply to the DVLA for copies of previous log books, think it costs £5, not sure what form you need though. They may not go back right to the earliest, but should go most of the way back and will show the original engine number.

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