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Help Needed From Cam In Head Heroes!


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Hi guys,

I've been piecing together a 2.0 CIH motor to get my Manta back on the road. I figured I'd do this at my work place, being a commercial workshop there's plenty of tools and knowledge around if I get stuck. We'll the children I work with have managed to lose, move or take (you decide!) some of the bolts that I left out for the rebuild! Ta muchly. I've managed to find almost everything, but one of the techs admitted to seeing 'some bolts that looked like they were off the forklift thats been serviced' and threw them away. Basically I need two cam spocket bolts and the plastic nut that goes on the end of the cam. I'm sure that one of you may have a few spare, I'd hate to think of anyone dis-assembling a good one for the sake of a couple of bolts.

Later when its in I may need an injection thermostat housing and nearly all the water pipes!

Can anyone help?!?!?!

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