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Hello From Ayrshire


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yes that was us,was at billing with them too, saw your car but missed you

Nice :thumbup If it was in May? I think i was blethering with you and your brother :thumbup I remember you telling me aboot the mk1 Astra GT/E :D Glad to see you've got yourself a Manta :thumbup

Welcome aboard :thumbup



thanks for the welcome :thumbup

hoping to get started on it begining of next month ,putting the astra off the road when the road tax runs out ,get it waxoyled and some new parts fitted i got for it this year .

started gathering some parts for the manta ,still not decided whitch way to go with it yet ,will get the shell sorted first then i'll see:D

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The car in the picture is Martin Drennan's genuine Manta 400, restored to a very high standard and i think it might be the only righthand drive 400 made in astro silver.

If you want to see a Manta 400 replica with a red top go to the your projects section and read through the thread - Stradacab and Devil Fish's 400 road/track project.

I wouldn't go this far with the body mods,i'd improve how it goes but keep the shape standard,but thats me...

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Glad to hear of another Manta up here about to get some time and money spent on it.

Joining the club would be money well spent if you're serious about the car?

Standard would make it a nice rare machine........16v would make it quicker.......400 kit would look nice....... ?

I'd be getting the body in shape first.

Good luck and enjoy. :thumbup


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1800 coupe's are very thin on the ground, there is one that is being/has been restored in the club and i have one in the workshop (thats got an early green interior,yuk!) that one day i'll get round to restoring to original,so that will be two left.

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