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Modifying Fuel Sender


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Am wondering if its possible/practical to modify a 'carb' fuel sender (8mm outlet), to an 'injection' type, with a 12mm outlet (obviously once its removed from the tank!!).

Could the smaller pickup pipe be cut off, the hole bored out, and a larger one welded in its place? Has the sender unit got some special anti-corrosion coating on it or anything?

Anyone done this....or is everyone laughing at my daft idea..?!:)


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Thanks Spiney, I will try to contact Stradacab and ask him

Mantadoc- am actually talking A-series...its been converted to injection by the previous owner, but they haven't increased the outlet pipe size on the sender. I figured since the pump inlet was 12mm, then the tank outlet should be the same, but I've been told since of big power V8 A-sereis mantas still using the original small outlet, so maybe its not such a big deal.

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