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1987 Exclusive Coupe Spare S


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I'm thinking of buying the Exclusive Coupe which is for sale in the "Cars For Sale Section" Steve Grundy has indicated that it is really too far gone to save unless you are really dedicated.

As I only need a few spares off it, I'm just trying to judge other peoples "wants" off the car. I'm not interested in making money - just getting my purchase price and collection costs back.

Could you please email me or leave a list of spares you want on here so I can judge if it's worth doing. Hopefully there will be enough interest to make it worth doing. I'm on Holiday until the 20th Aug so i'll act when I get back.


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Hi Andy,

I've been looking forn a set of rear seatbelts for ages so I will give you a good price for them. Also looking for a set of trim from around the rear quarter windows, along the gutters and down the A post. A boot carpet and all trim for the rear inner wings/fuel tank would also be good. Maybe the boot spoiler too :thumbup

Cheers, Peter.

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Leon, hatch and coupe rear bumpers are different, so if it's for the car in your signature it'll be no good.

Are you sure there is a difference between the hatch and coupe EXCLUSIVE bumpers Steve?

Was after an Exclusive Spoiler but for my Red B but seems as it has been spoken for.

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Manta GTE Bumpers on the Coupe and hatch were different items (or on the 1.8 come to that)

The Hatch bumpers wrapped further around the side of the quarter panels and had little steel brackets to extend from the quarter panel mounting position to the inside mount locator on the bumper (mount on the bumper was further forward than the hole in the quarter panel)

Exclusive Hatches however had a much tighter shorter wrap around area on their bumpers.

I don't know as a fact but would hazard a damn good guess that there would be no difference between the 2

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If this car has been bought for spares yet, then I could do with a shitload of bits.

Parcel shelf.

Door seals

Quarter glass seals

Poss quarter glass

rubber inserts to hold quarter glass

Bulkhead sound deadening

Door cards

And that is just off the top of my head at the moment.

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Sticking my neck out on the bumper debate, yea hatch and coupe standard are different as seen by the cut out on the underside of a hatch rear on the sides to allow room for a socket, but i believe irmscher made the exclusive bumpers the same but the mounts ARE different.

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