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Manta B Coupe Project


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Hi all, I have had a manta berlinetta coupe for a couple of years now and have had a lot of work done like welding, electrics, body work and recently the engine

but have had the wrong people looking at it and carrying out the work........ until now!

I drove 180 miles to ( Suffolk county mantas) to meet up with Simon Peckham on sunday morning, for those you who know him will know he is a really nice down to earth guy and the quality of his work is amazing. I just wish I had more money to put into the project sad.gif.

I nearly made it all the way to him, I think I was a few miles short when oil started spraying out followed by smoke and panic. Am glad I left home at 5.30 in the morning now to beat the traffic, but we got to his workshop in the end and this is where the real work will be carried out.

I am getting some serious brakes, shocks and my 2.0 xe engine given a new life with throttle bodies.

He also lent me his car for a few weeks while I sort something out which to me is a really great gesture ( thank you again mate)

And as I was leaving Bury st Edmunds I went to fill up, putting £20 in the tank I was told I had an old note and could not use it, luckily I scraped the money together and drove the whole way home keeping it under 70 mph just to make it back.

so it was a crazy day but so very much worth it.

will write again soon when there is more progress and also post some photos along with it. take care all thumbsup.gif

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Hi all here are some pictures from when i first bought my manta to a bad bonnet and spray job sad.gif but hey it looks good in the rain.laugh.gif

Simon Peckham has it at the moment down at suffolk county mantas doing some amazing work on it so soon as I pick it up will post more pics

and some background info. cheers Adie thumbsup.gif


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Hi all here are a few more photos of the project, the brakes that will be fitted soon and the stripped out engine bay.


hope to have more soon once the engine bay has been painted and newly painted engine fitted back in with all the trimmings.thumbsup.gif

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will do mate, Simon reckons the car should be back from the painters at the beginning of December ready to put the engine back in.

I know its doing things in an awkward way but it comes down to Simon having the time to fit me in and money on my part.

But at least I will have a new engine that will perform well, in an immaculate engine bay sprayed to the new colour with new uprated brakes and shocks, so it should start to look and feel like a new car.

and will book it in for a full re paint early next year or as soon as I can be fitted in.so working my ass off to save as it is not going to be cheap, but so damn worth it.

I want to keep this car for a very long time as I love it.

hope all is well, keep in touch. Adie thumbsup.gif

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hey mate, how did you manage to get those pics up? this site has to be the worsed ever for figuring out how thats done.

good job though your pics are nice an clear

Hi mate, uploading photos is easy, you just need an image hosting website account such as photobucket. There are numerous threads and comments on this site as to how to upload them. Have a look about on here, you'll find chapter and verse on how to upload pics. Most other forums I use are exactly the same.

Try this link: http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/24535-posting-pictures-help/

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hi xecoupe, nice wilwood brakes mate had them on my manta coupe ,4 pot superlites very light and powerfull, you will need the bridge bolts to hold the pads in better as they tend to click a little when driving if you only use the large split pins, you will also need a 90 degree union on the caliper because if you use a steel braided hose on full steering lock the pipe goes in to the coil spring and will fail an mot. one last thing you will need to remove part of the lip on the back of the top suspention arm as the caliper will touch on full lock,i ground the lip right back to the arm and welded a small flat strip of metal on the inside to keep the strength, hope that helps mate if you have'nt already got those parts.great looking car by the way.

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Hi everyone, here are a couple more photos of the work being done in the engine bay. I think its looking amazing so far ( big thank you to Simon Peckham, for all his hard work so far)

will have more photos as it progresses, and should have it home very soon to drive and enjoy laugh.gifthumbsup.gif


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