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hey guys just thought id say hello to everyone im Darren an I'm up in the borders and Ive just bought my 1st manta a 1978 coupe looking forward to getting her out on the road once it gets delivered (currently got a private plate which the previous owner wants to keep so just waiting for the transfer to happen) shes been off the road for 3yr the guy mot'd the car last year and then it was just parked up again so apart from a seized front caliper she needs nothing doing to her

better pics will follow but here she is


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Thanks guys cant wait to get her on the road.

I must admit though I'm not 100% convinced by the wheels myself, the guy said they came from an mx5 but he supplied an original set of rostyles with the car, so i might put on instead.

The cars had a few things done the stuff i know the previous owner has done are the car has been lowered not sure by how much.

Its got a 5spd manual from an 86 or 87 GTE instead of the original auto box.

The vinyl roof has been removed and its been resprayed in what the guy called Mitsubishi evo orange.

Oh and its running a set of Weber carbs other than that as far as i can tell everything else is standard.

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hi 78manta, welcome to the site.

I'm liking your Manta ALOT, though yours is sprayed in a non-Manta colour it looks almost the same as my Manta B,which is in my picture at the left,its colour is Amber Gold,as close as you can get to being brown without actual being brown!

You'll have to post more photo's inside and out when it's up and running and of course make the treck to our annual rally at Billing near Northampton next July.

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Welcome 78Manta,

Love the motor, plenty of us on here in your 'local' , as already said I'm near Gala and you're welcome to drop in sometime.

Here's another pic with Deano's Cav Coupe, John's hatch and my Sportshatch SportshatchatDobbies001.jpg

phonepicsaug07008Medium.jpg I used to run Webers as well . .

BTW, Where are you in the Borders? and keep the wheels, I just love minilites, interesting the MX5 wheels fit, nice cheap alternative :thumbup:D:D:D

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hey guys sorry for the delayed reply been having internet issues so not been on for a few weeks but thnx for the kind words been running the car a couple of weeks now and have to say its fantastic currently using as a daily driver traveling between Gala and Jedburgh where i live and its never put a foot wrong ill hopefully get some more pics up soon think im gonna keep the wheels thinking of painting the centers black

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