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Hello From Berkshire

Black Hatch

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Just wanted to say hi to everybody.

Im Andy from Berkshire, and I have become the proud owner of a 1983 gte black hatchback.

I have got that manta bug again.

I owned this manta a couple of years ago, and luckly I sold it to my dad so I always hoped one day I would buy it back, as he already has a manta and 2 fordson major tractors, so I think he has enough to look after :D

The plan is to sell my Omega and buy a cheap run around and use the manta dry days and of course for shows, as I think to much of the Omega to run it into the ground, as manta will get all the attention.

Pics can been seen under the owners club gallery.

The interior is immaculate including no wear on seat bolsters what so ever.

Never been welded and all good.

The bad points are only the dents in the roof, they are very minor, its were a previous onwner had some sort of racking on the roof and its dented slighty 1 either side.

My long term plans are stainless steel exhaust, quiet no noise as I brought a full system sportex for it when I had it but its a tad to noisy ( anyone intrested in buying it let me know ).

I would like to get the dents out,change the sunroof to a glass one (any ideas of what would fit would be welcome :D ) and then a respray but that will be last thing because its only really minor imperfections on the paint side of things.

Anyway im glad to be part of your club again and cant wait for shows to come up.

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