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Hi Manta Owners


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I´m Thorbjörn Lundgren and I´m from Sweden.

I bought my Manta B 2,0E Berlinetta 1982, 6 years ago. Then it vas a mess. A birch was growing trough the floor and rust had over taking the whole trunk and fenders. Now I have started a total makeover to it´s original state. It was own by an older man since new, only parked in a garage but driven on swedish winter roads with salt and mud. It have only been driven 22000 Km, 13670.2 miles.

What I´ve done so far is:

Sand blasting the whole undercariage

started to weld the floorboards

primed the trunk

weld the rear wheelarches

striped the interior and all the strips.

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Added pictures after your reqest.


Front view, didn´t think those tyres would hold air after two years flat. But suprisingly they did.


Rear and left side view.


Front and left side. Not very sharp but you can se the most of it. Will start a project tread in two weeks, got hold of a few new parts and have to reweld the foorboard. It didn´t remain strait whit 15-20 inches of snow on the roof. Saged down on the middle, doors doesen´t even fitt anymore.

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