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Greetings . . . From Sunny Dorset!


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Greetings to all . . . .

I'd like to intruduce myself, my name is Jason and i live in Weymouth, Dorset. I've had the manta bug since my old man turned up at home one day with a '83 berlinetta SR, it was used as our family car for many years until it was passed down to my older brother who slowly ruined it then sold it on. Eventually he replaced it with a red exclusive coupe which he took much greater care with until a truck hit it. I bought a white '88 exclusive coupe when i was eighteen and used it vigorously for four years until the rust underneath became to much to contend with (unfortunately it was patch on patch when i bought it) and it went for spares or repair on ebay.

Skip forward a few years (not many!) and i found myself with an unquenchable thirst for another manta, or more accurately, two manta's!! I required a hatchback gte as a daily driver and a coupe to build into a 400r with massive power. A project that could (and probably would!) take the next ten years. . . .

Last weekend I bought an '87 exclusive hatch in dolphin grey from a former member of the OMOC, it's not been on the road for few years but it came with a clean interior, no serious rust issues (that i've found so far!) and a boot full of spares. Hopefully tomorrow i should get the engine running. At the moment the fuel pump appears to be inoperative. But it wont be long before I'm enjoying the dorset 'b' roads once again . . . .

I have been regularly reading many of your posts over the last twelve months and find the stories and information fascinating and very helpful. I look forward to posting my own adventures on here soon. pictures to follow just as soon as i figure out how to put them on!

Many thanks to Keith and his wife for parting with the car, it's in good hands.


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Hi Jason, welcome to THE home for Manta addicts.

I have had holidays in Weymouth as a kid and remeber walking through town watching the boat train wend its way to the Quay,yes it was that long ago!

Your fuel pump might not be working because the small black box fuel pump relay on the drivers inner wing might be stuck.

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