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Hello From Shetland


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Hello all just got myself a GTE coupe with 36000 miles on it,Been on the hunt for a manta for a while when a friend of mine came across this one by chance and i could'nt say no,its in storage at the moment till i get the last few bits done on my carlton,I know if i strart with it the last bit's won't get done on the carlton.

Some of you my have seen my carlton at biling this year its something i've been working on for the past few years,hopefully the manta will get finished a bit quicker,I'll get some pictures up later when i get some.

Heres one of my carlton.


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Thanks guys,I was wondering how long it takes to get your membership number through and get full access to the forum.

Hi. and welcome.

I have upgraded your forum access as you are probably aware by now :thumbup .

Your membership pack is sitting on my desk as I type, and will be going out to you this week.

Your membership number is 6301

Sorry for thr delay, and hope you enjoy our little club.


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Been a member for a month now and still not got my membership pack,was hoping to have got a magazine throught by now as the other member up here has got his,So I'm thinking there most be something wrong with the address I gave,I've tryed to PM Mantaray a couple of times but I must be doing something wrong there aswell as no reply to them.

At the moment I feel like i've wasted £25.:angry:

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