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Rear Wheel Bearings, A-Series


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Hi everyone,

i've just signed up as i have a bit of a dilemma. I've got a 1.9 A series axle in the back of my Chevette , and one of the rear wheel bearings is rumbling like b****ry, so needs to be replaced.

I don't usually have trouble tracking down the bits needed, but i cannot find anywhere to purchase one of these bearings, i've found parts listed for the smaller engined a-series, and also for the b-series, but not the one i need.

I remember reading on Retro Rides that only one company now makes bearings and parts for the A series, is this correct? If it is can someone supply me with a link or a phone number please?

Also, if i'm being a complete idiot and have missed something blindingly obvious, feel free to point that out!

Thanks! Rich.

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