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Fuel Tank Fiasco


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I have a '87 exclusive hatch that has been stood for four years before I purchased it. After fitting a new battery I turned it over and discovered that no fuel was reaching the front end. I removed the trigger wire from the starter and turned it over again, hearing a strong noise from the tank area I decided that there was power to the pump. Now I've decided that there is air in the fuel lines between the fuel rail at the front and the half tank of petrol in the back, so I take the feed pipe off the rail and using a fairy bottle and some fuel pipe I forced petrol back down the line to the pump. I considered removing the stupid pulse thingy from the system as I have from previos vehicles but after checking it and finding out its ok i refitted it.

My understanding is that the air between the pick up pipe inside the tank and the pump is causing the pump to suck nothing but air and not drawing fuel through.

does this sound right?

I have considered pressurizing the tank with an airline hoping that this will force petrol up the ten inches of pipe to the pump!

anyone have any better ideas before I do this?

can anyone think of a reason (other than safety!) not to do this?

Am I being thick!!??

are the pumps supposed to draw the fuel up regardless of wether there is fuel in the pipe or not?

is my pump just weak?

many thanks in advance for any advice on this matter.

this is the only thing stopping me from progressing to the next step and I'd love to hear the old girl fire up!!

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Is your rev counter working? SOund silly but humour me.

That kind of pump has a fan on the spindle. It's like a turbine or fan and these cars will run on fumes. Literally

The fuel fee should go to the "TEE" the return goes from the pressure regulator on the fuel rail directly to tank.

If not done the obvious test is to run the pump - 2P trick or one of the other tricks and pump some fuel out into a container to save guessing if it works or not.

Airlock extremely unlikely.

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garymanc - the fuel pump is definately working. the relay and fuse are both ok.

mantadoc - I have removed the fuel feed pipe from the 'tee' piece under the fuel rail and activated the pump with no success. I don't understand about the rev counter?

taylorblue5 - I like the idea of bump starting it, that would be something I would normally try. Unfortunately, the car is far from legal so I can't take it off the drive.

thanks for the help so far guys, I've got a crappy micra to fix tomorrow so probably won't have tinkering time now til sunday.

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i replaced my fuel pump recently with one that i had not used for a fair few years. when i first fitted it & tried it it was running but sounded louder & faster than normal. after a few attempts to get it to prime (with the starter lead disconnected)it suddenly primed & began to pump ok. settling down to a `normal `sound & was ok everytime since.i summised that as it was dry it was not creating enough vacuum to self prime on its own quickly. if you are sure that the larger bore pipe from tank is ok & that fuel is definately not reaching the front fuel rail t piece then i would try to get some fuel into the pipe from tank to pump.& into the inlet side of pump. ( a spray with wd40 in it may also do the trick & shouldnt do any harm .)if you dont fancy getting fuel in there yet. !..

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These pumps will self prime, and can suck up fuel a considerable height when new, BUT, if its been stood, its possible the rollers in the pump (they are a rotor with rollers on) have stuck, in which case the pump probably needs changing, but its worth the wd40 trick mentioned above, as this sometimes frees em off, or ccreates enough vacuum to pull the fuel in which then frees em off.

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