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Free Non Sunroof Gte Hatch Rolling Shell


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I have a non sunroof Manta GTE hatch used as a spares car which is currently in my way as there is a chance of me taking on a very nice car if I can agree a deal. The shell has it's suspension and brakes, is fitted with rostyle A and early B series type wheels. What has gone are the fuel tank, gearbox and prop, best part of the interior has gone and the engine block is in situ but has most of it's ancilleries taken. Body wise there are no skirts, bumpers, lights, spoiler, bonnet and wings. The doors are there and although useable are a bit grotty.

The logbook is present and in my name so I will need it signed over, it's a 1985 B reg. The car is on SORN.

The car could be used in a build or just sell off the remaining spares to make a bit of money for your effort. I am offering it FREE as I could do with it out of my way within the next 2-3 weeks.

Once I've piched a couple of things off it to put with a project car I'm also trying to sell and unloaded all my boxes of stuff (yes it's being used as a shed I'm sad to say) I'll try to get some pictures uploaded. In the meantime I just wanted to see if anyone was interested or had any questions?

Many thanks, Rick 07809 329211, reply to topic or PM. Located in Standlake, Oxfordshire.

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I've had a fews calls regarding the state of the chassis, in view of using in a build I assumed. Well, it's a spares car so is somewhat tatty else I would have put it back on the road meself, not to difficult welding wise, it's just that everything is a little bit rough all over the car so is unviable to use as a base (unless you really wanted a non-sunroof and the headlining is still in place). The sills are like a patchwork quilt of amateur welding so God only knows what state the metal is beneath!?

Typically the use of this is to sell or keep for yourself the remaining spares, the suspension, brakes, steering assembly, dashboard, carpet, engine block, roof section (which is good), 5 speed tunnel top, seat belts, side glass, registration document/chassis number (remember a B reg doesn't need rear belts or side repeaters). There's loads still there to help keep other mantas going or get others back to life, I'm only trying to heave-ho it for space for my hopeful aquirsition, else I'd continue to make use of it.

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