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Air Flow Meter?

A377 SAS

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1986 2.0 GTE won't start or, if it does, the engine dies once you give it revs. With the large air pipe disconnected from the injection unit, the engine will start and run perfectly for about 1 minute. It will then start backfiring, belching black smoke from the exhaust and won't take any revs. Could this be the ECU slowly realising that it's getting too much air then adding extra fuel to compensate, causing the rich mixture? Do I need a new Air Flow Meter? Thanks. John.

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Now thinking it's the cold start thermo-switch. Car would start cold and run perfectly for 1 minute then start backfiring, smoking and cut out. No way it will then start for about 30 minutes when it will run for another 1 minute before cutting out. Tried a replacement Airflow Meter - still the same. Tried a replacement Brain - still the same. But when I disconnected the cold start thermo-switch (the big upright sensor on the injection manifold), the car started and ran, and ran perfectly. It even starts in the morning with this switch disconnected.

I reckon the thermo-switch is stuck open and over-fuels the engine once it warms up, hence the backfiring and black smoke. It then takes 30 minutes for the engine to cool down sufficiently to start again with an enriched mixture. After 1 minute of warming up, the engine is again being overfuelled and cuts out. Funny that the car will start from cold without this switch connected tho' .......

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