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Number 2 Fuse Keeps Blowing

Chris M

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Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The number two fuse (white) keeps blowing on my GT/E. This is the one that protects the following:

Left hand front side lamp

Left hand tail lamp

Number plate lamp

Instrument lamps

Engine compartment lamp

I have tried a process of elimination, basically I have disconnected everything that this fuse protects, to the point that even with everything disconnected it still blows, bloody thing.

I now have the instrument cluster stripped down to see if it is the ribbon across the top which feeds the lights . That's easy, I've changed enough voltage stablisers in my time but it's now getting dark and starting to rain again.

Now that the nights are drawing in I can't use the car as I've no rear light which makes me ideal fodder for the rozzers!!

I have limited abilities as far as cars are concerned and before I call out an auto electrician is there anything obvious I have missed.

Dare I say it I almost tried inserting a bent nail into the fuse apeture turning the lights on and looking for the smoke!!!! But then I'm a responsible Manta owner and the thoughts of it going up in smoke really is too much to bear.

Hey ho any help or pointers gratefully recieved.


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When did you last have welding done?

Does it only blow when you turn the lights on?

I would also be tempted to drop the fuse box and see how many wires are crimped into the fuse output side as separing them here if multiple means you can eliminate different circuits. Of course if you unwrap some of the loom by the drivers A pillar and do tactical damage such as cutting through the wire powering the rear left tail light and number plate light, insulate the ends and it still blows you know it is not the rear lighting. If you do this and it is OK you know it is the rear.

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Thanks for the assistance so far.

I have checked the wires to all the items the fuse protects and can't seem to find anything obvious. I have never had the car welded before, it's never needed it, believe it or not.

Right, I will drop the fuse box and have a look there.

Thanks again

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If you messure the wires backward with a ohm meter between a connection and ground you should have a brake, if not the wire you are checking is shorted.

All equipment on the fuse has to be disconnected before you do it. Or you will have wrong results.

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