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Manta Gte On Ebay

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This is just up the road from me, both myself and Manta Modifier have been to see it. Its tidy but has had a fair bit of paint done, its not 100% but isnt a bad one. The dealer specialises in old Fords aswell as Euroboxes, he has a good selection of Retro and various savable projects (Im thinking about the Hillman Hunter he has for sale)

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My personal opinion, you don't have to agree: It's too expensive for a boggo GTE hatch. The mileage is low but not low enough to be a special case, it looks to be good condition but not a 'minter', has the later interior but it's not an exclusive and the car's in pretty much original condition but just has this blandness about it. Plus I don't like the numberplate, my name's not Edd! At this time of year the seller would need to half the figure in the window and would still have me umming and arring... I wonder if he'd p/x it with my CBR600???

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I went to see it the other week (see my thread). It's ok. Apparently got a good engine and drives well, but the bodywork has scratches on the roof (fairly bad imo) and the sunroof is showing those first telltale signs of rust. The paint looked a bit "patchy" in places, but that may have been the light in the showroom.

I said to the nice lady trying to convince me, that they were asking top book price for a car that certainly wasn't top condition! I'd agree, half the price and I'd think about it!

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