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Xe Coupe Project


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Hey everybody,

I've been on this forum long enough now and have never got my finger out to start a project thread.

Got my first Manta in 2007, a standard 1.8s berlinetta hatch which I kitted up as a GTE with a 20SEH. It sadly got written off in a night of heavy rain in August 2008. I then bought a rough 1.8GT with an XE which I ran through the winter of 2008/09.

I then had the chance of a D reg coupe (original Shetland car) in January this year so I snapped it up. It had no engine and had been off the road for many years so needed all the usual welding in the usual places. I worked with it solid every night and weekend for 3 months and got it MOT'd at the end of April which it passed with flying colours! It's now off the road for the winter in which time i'm going to fit a set of poly bushes and I have a new Quaife lsd waiting to go in.

Anyway, i'm not very good with computers but i'm going to try uploading some photos so here goes....

A couple of my old hatch....



And heres a few of the coupe through the build....




I cut the rotten roof out and welded in a sheet from below....then a bit after filler...



Engine bay painted and engine lifted in while the paint is still wet!...


Eventually the primer is on....


I heard white is an easy colour to paint so thought i'd give it a go myself....




And the finished product....









Thats plenty for now, it's taken me nearly 2 hours to get this post written up! Hope the pics have worked and i'll keep the post updated with my progress over the winter. :thumbup

Cheers, Peter.

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Thanks guys, yeah the roof came out pretty good. I got one of my mates who works in a bodyshop to flatten the roof because i don't have the patience to work with lots of filler!

The car used to have a 16v with twin 48's, thats why the servo was moved to the front. Wonder who owned the car in your photo Mark? Must of been a good few years ago, it looks a hell of a lot better than when I bought it!

Cheers, Peter.

More photos of welding;

















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I never noticed before but the photo does say year 2000 so thats probably right enough.

The 400 bonnet had blown up so it was knackered but I bought another one from Wullie Wilson so i'm thinking to paint it white and try it on to see what it looks like. :thumbup

I was never keen on the front bumper, was it a Mantzel one?

Cheers, Peter.

Some more finished photos;

Finished Product;





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all i can say is wow! i never liked the hatch's. but your hatch has changed my mind! it looks the dog's!!!! then that coupe with them wheels on! hell she looks perfect! if you ever want to sell your coupe tell me ha ha! nice one nice work and nice cars!

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Cheers guys, I think i'll be keeping this one for a while though!

Had bother with the front and back windows leaking so tried sealing them up but it was such a mess i've taken all the glass out, cleaned the rubbers and going to refit them with sealer. Thought while i'm at it I might as well get the floor painted and try to get a heater sorted so the dash is out too. Also have non opening rear quarter windows, new window trim, door seals and carpets all to go in at the same time.

Will stick some pics on at the weekend.

Cheers, Peter.

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Nice job Biffy :thumbup After being off the site for a few months, then coming back on to see the likes of yours and steve's cars and anyone else in the 620+ posts, 25 pages. I am going through, it's enough to make me kick my backside that hard I actually move to get mine restored. I am lucky that the car is in with specialist in bodywork and prep, and they are working on it in slow time, as I have set up a payment method with them. I have got to start on the ancillaries or all I will have is a bodyshell next year. :o

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Right, i've stripped out the interior and given the floor a coat of rubberised paint, thought it would be a good sealer around all the welds. Got a 5 gallon drum so I've put on plenty.




Got a bit carried away and did the boot floor as well, it's fairly tidied it up.


Back screen out and back in again, this time with plenty of sealer!



I'll hopefully get the glass and carpets etc back in this week then make a start with the diff.


Think I'll take the axle out of one of my spare hatches and build it up on the floor with poly bushes and new bearings so it's ready to bolt in.

Does anybody know who can supply all the bearings and seals for the diff and torque tube?

Heres a pic of one of the donor cars.


Will get more pics as I slowly make progress!

Cheers, Peter.

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I sorted them into files on photobucket so now the links are broken, pain in the arse but will put them up again when I get some time. It's all back together now and will be back on the road this weekend with new wheels so will get some pics up shortly :thumbup

Cheers, Peter.

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