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Hello all, Been looking on this site for a while and decided to say a few words. I was a Manta owner back in my early twenties(45 now) .My first was a 1978 Cavalier 1.9 GLS Coupe. Second was a 1979 2.0 SR Berlinetta and last one was also a 1979 2.0 SR Berlinetta. I went off 4 wheels and got into biking of which I am still doing. Im now thinking of reliving my youth and getting another Manta. I would preferably be looking for another 2.0 SR Berlinetta. What sort of money would I be looking at to purchase one of these in reasonable condition or even one fully sorted? I will post the details of my old Mantas in the correct section when I get time. Thanks, Ian.

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Hi Ian

Welcome to the world of Manta's & Mk 1 Cavaliers.

If you want a well sorted Manta B [ up to X reg ] then it's probably going to cost you up to £4000.

If you want something a bit cheaper then look out for Cavalier Coupes or Sportshatches as they seem to go for half the price of the equivilant Manta.

Coupes are more valuable than hatches

The earlier Manta's up to 1982 seem to be slightly more resistant to rust,

Good value cars in reasonable condition do come up for sale but you have to move quickly before they get snapped up.

There are a lot more later post 1982 Mantas available but beware of the dreaded tin worm.

Keep looking in all the obvious places e.g. E Bay, Piston heads, Car @ Classic & of course on this forum. :thumbup

Good luck in your search

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