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Cam-in-head may have the answer, one stub axel is from a MK 1 Cav and the other from a Manta( B, 1800, GTE etc) after all the MK 1 Cav's were the only models of this group that in part were built at L

Taken from a German workshop manual if this helps (or confuse) anyone: Also, quoted in the Cavalier Training Service Manual (TS1142): "Camber angle is adjusted by rotating the upper ba

Hello, I've looked in my my Opel Euroservice manual and this gives rear tracking information..... It says camber, toe-in and castor should be zero if possible and says Permissible devi


Hmmm, looks like an Ascona chaser...........(but not an Ascona catcher!) Ha Ha . No I,m not on Retro Rides forum but go to one of their meetings every month at Meadowhall retail park in Sheffield. There's usually around 60 cars there, and everything from a Delorean to a Skyline turns up. There are pictures on Retro Rides I think. Thanks for Escort picture but mines in a thousand pieces at the moment and has been like this for too long now.

Cheers... Luke

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