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Gt/e - Normal Running Temperature?


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Hi all,

Just wondering amongst GT/E owners what a 'normal' running temperature (i.e. as reported by the gauge) might be? The needle in mine sits *just* under the red most of the time - is that normal, or should I be investigating?



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Anyone will tell you that if you take either the fuel gauge or the temp gauge as gospel in a Manta you will be in trouble.

What's far more important is whether it changes behavior.

For example if it sat in the middle till last week and had forever then investigate.

If it's always done this and never caused problems, well take your own guess whether you believe the gauge or not.

The voltage stabilisers are VERY VERY VERY prone to going causing these to read too high. However, as this feeds the fuel too that should also read high as well.

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Thanks Mantadoc.

I haven't had this Manta that long, about 3 months, and for much of that time the gauge didn't work at all - simply because the wire had fallen off the sender. So, I haven't really got history as a guide. The car has once boiled over and sprayed steam through a puncture in the top hose - but the hoses are somewhat perished and I'm working on replacement silicone hoses now.



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