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Edinburgh Meet


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Had an idea for a wee meet at Dobbie's Garden Centre(same place as last time), then all the snow came .....but now that it's cleared up if anyone fancies a bacon roll/fry-up/whatever and a blether then come to Dobbies for 9:30-9:45.

Have made contact with a few of you's but I'll keep trying for the rest.

If you're in the Edinburgh area and fancy coming along, the more the merrier.

John.(07917 592607)

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Dean, Colin, Davie and me.........and bacon and egg rolls and a cooked breakfast!......and tea....coffee etc.

A good blether had by all I think, good to see the coupe back on the road Deano....hope you get all the salt washed off.And hope the battery drain issue's resolved.



Winter Grip.


Please note, no real animal fur was used in the making of Dean's bunnet.


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Nice to see you all again guy's.

Aye John the salt has all been washed off and the cavvy is back in the garage, I will check the battery tomorrow and see how well the car starts in the morning.

The roads were well slippy this morning on the way out and the cavvy was side ways a few times and very low speed and that is with winters tyres fitted too. :blink:

Just need to get the nsr boot floor/wheel well and valance checked out as the tin worm has found it's way there. :rolleyes:

See you all soon.



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Good to see all you guys again, Deanno wins the bravery award for bringin' the Cav out on black ice, glad I left the Senator at home, the Saab was bad enough!!

Maybe next time John, you will get to the till with your roll intact :lol: and we'll maybe even manage to get a 'hot' breakfast :o

A good catch-up on what stages our motors are all at, hope everyone made it home safely. Have a good christmas folks :thumbup

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Would have come along but was nursing a fair ol hangover. Christmas night out the sat night. If theres another one in the spring the manta might just make a long overdue appearance (or maybe naw, its taking bloody ages!)

din'na tell fibbs! your like me! nah allowed oot :lol:

The cav is looking braw Dean :thumbup

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