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Need Some Pics


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My hatch was lowered 60mm on some cheap springs from online autosport.



I ran it with standard shocks which worked fine till 1 started leaking so put in a set of bilsteins.

Cheers, Peter.

My coupe sits about another 15mm lower than these pics (can tell by where the tops of the tyres are) The springs fitted were jamex -60mm. The shocks are bilstein adj up front and kyb gas on the rear. I had problems with the suspension getting to the point of hitting the bump stops. Cure was take 40mm off the bump stop and refit in position. Checked the travel of the suspension and everything was ok. I did actually turn the top ball joints to give more positive camber as the 60mm drop gave a little too much negative camber, just the way the wishbone suspension works. That cured the slight scrub i was getting on the front tyres (about 2.5mm across the tread)



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