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Another Of My Ascona Creations....


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(Copied and pasted this from another forum where i had it posted - it's my car though)

This car has been an on going project for the past 3 years or so.... wanted to build a good tarmac spec Ascona so had the plan in my head, just needed to put it all togather... am going to keep it relatively brief.....

Started with a very clean 2 door car... got her professionally fabricated to include diff and gearbox tunnells, twin exhaust tunnells, 4 link boxes, raised front turretts, full multi point rollcage with diagonal rear bars, diagonal door bars, cage goes out into the engine bay. Shell has been seam welded.

Front crossmember strengthened and mounted as in the 400's, quick rack, 4 pot ap racing 6r4 calipers and discs /bells from Davy Greers ex works car up front. Alloy front hubs with group 4 wheels studs ford fitting. Rear has vented and grooved discs with ap racing calipers along with group 4 studs. Rear axle is semi floating and 5 linked with a zf lsd, 2 piece shafts with a 5.1 cwp. Adjustable suspension with newly made springs.

Interior has flocked door and quarter cards, flocked dash.. pedal box, new motordrive seats, new polycarbonate window kit with sliders, vertical handbrake... new motorsport wiring loom front to back, corsa power steering, circuit breakers used instead of fuses... lots more but can't remember half of it. Lifeline 4 litre fire eater.. peltor intercom...

Engine wise is a cosworth powered turbo unit with 330 bhp. Green injectors, 3 bar map sensor. New t34 roller bearing turbo. Swedish plenum.. alloy group 4 radiator, baffled sump, uprated t5 rally gearbox, paddle clutch, 4x4 intercooler...

Thats basically it, painted outside green and has group 4 revos 9 x 15 all round... loads more done but can't remember just now...

Unfortunately the car has been sitting stored for this past 8 months or so - she is basically ready for firing up but has been put on the back burner as been busy with other things plus i rebuilt the Manta and am starting to rebuild a Chevette Hsr historic rally car i recently purchased so the Ascona is being abandoned so to speak for a couple of years....

I'm not big into build pics, so here are a few pics of her painted and the way she sat during the summer before i put her in the corner of the shed.....






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love the cars mate,orange one still my fave but that green one is ggggrrrreeaat, any shots of the underside of the green one.

Will get some underneath pics shortly sir......... :thumbup

Yea am liking both colours myself to be fair. I know of so many Ascona 400r Ascona's about and they all seem to be white these days, so i wanted to do something different colour wise just to stand out from the norm. Plus i did own a white coloured one but sold it recently as i just didn't drive it after i had finished the orange one.

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are both them cars yours? i like how you have gone for green and orange

Well the bank owns a right bit of them....lol

Yes, on a serious note i built and own the 2 of them... as said i had a white one but sold her as all the new builds seem to be painted white these days, so went for something a little different. No doubt others won't like the orange or green but i'm cool with that....

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