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Manta 400 3Lt 24V

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not a bad looking car for the new year! there's no way i could aford a full respray.

Started off at £5,500 and now it's at £4,995. :blink:

Boxing Day sale perhaps ? :lol:

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car on ebay ,not mine,im sure i sold my mint exc 9yrs ago to this person,promised first shout,never bothered,and i got it back 2 yrs ago in donny

now have to restore it,just saying,if its that good ,why 400 kit it,wiring in engine bay,a bit scrappy,why ecu on inner wing

u pays ur money,personally for that money id want it ready to go +painted

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Ahhh I see, there go my hopes of some sneaky info :lol:

My thoughts too regards the price, 400R's have gone for 4 and 5 grand up and running/painted in the not too distant past, (I always refer to Daverwd's? Which looked very good, although never saw in person) so maybe it is top money...But then again I suppose it has to be seen.

Oh well...I'm not rushing into buying one and paying over the odds just because it's there. Still tempted to see how much he would like without the running gear though.

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Aye, if i was going for it, id be stripping it as much as i can and having it painted inc the engine bay. A nice deep red B)

Tis strange how the inner wings etc are red and the body white? Wonder what the story is there? Originally red but had a white respray at some stage?

On one side of the coin, it's a manta with a bodykit stuck on needing paint and a near completed engine conversion needing finishing. So top money.

And on the other hand, it's a low mileage non sunroof coupe, with a genuine irmscher kit, wide wheels, ready to paint the colour of your choice.

Mmmmm. I still think it's top money to say it needs building up/painting/tidying...The engine loom looks a bit of a mess.

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Oh bugger. :( That's the kind of thing i didnt want (but needed) to hear, so thanks for that mate. :) Wasnt something i was aware of.

Oh well. :(

Edit: What chopping is involved exactly? Im bloody desperate to own one and ive been looking longer than i can remember!

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Every installation is different but looking at the pic the radiator towers have been removed completly


Crossmember engine mounts need changing and may have been welded on so you'd need a new suspension crossmember

also the lower front crossmember will have needed either a lump choping out or removing completly

The other thing about that one is the width of the wheels, they actually look too wide for the kit :blink:

Rear wheels seem to just sit out past the arch, oh and have a quick look at price of 335/35*15 tyres i couldn't see any for less than £350 each :o

All your really byuing is a supposedly solid coupe (not saying it isn't but until you see it you can't be sure, or what standard the welding thats been done is up to) some really wide wheels and a bodykit

Now i'm sure the wheels and tyres are expensive to buy in that size and the bodykit won't have been cheap either if its a genuine one.

But at £5k starting price and a reserve set higher than that i'm not sure its worth it if you don't want a 24v 400

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Go and see it if you are serious.

My guestimate:

24V £250

Kit £800

Wheels £1500 - £2000

Solid F reg exclusive in need of paint £2000 (well I'd happily pay that for one that just needed paint)

Basically if it is solid and the work is OK looks like a good jumpstart if you wanted one of these

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Aye, I can't remember seeing an exclusive without a sunroof meself come to think of it? :huh:

Cheers for the input lads, it's good to get your thoughts having never owned a manta before. It's hard to weigh up what's worth what, and whether or not it's viable for me. I'm starting to think not...as it could end up quite costly for me to get a redtop in there along with a good paint job at the very least (crossmembers, rad mounts and whatnot too)

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That was one thing that caused me a reservation. AFAIK all UK Mantas had sunroof on that age.

thats what i thought

just read this elsewere... he has forgot to mention it has a sunroof and been stuck shut and done over with filler :blink: .

i dont know if this is true or not ,so dont shoot the messenger :rolleyes:

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The vehicle details for F788 ECA are:

Date of Liability 01 03 2011

Date of First Registration 01 08 1988

Year of Manufacture 1988

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1979CC

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type Petrol

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status SORN Not Due

Vehicle Colour WHITE

Vehicle Type Approval

Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle

6 Months Rate £112.75

12 Months Rate £205.00

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