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Black Coupe On U C R

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Did anyone watch used car roadshow on ITV4 on boxing day morning?

Jason dawe was at a show telling us about a jensen that was parked next to a black coupe.

Was really frustrating that he just didnt talk about it.

I suppose if you look on the bright side he wouldn't be writing on the screen as he annoyingly does lol

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This was filmed at Classics on the Green at Croxley near Watford two or three years ago, i cant remember the name of the owner (it's on the tip of tongue but i just cant recall him,(andy?) think his name on here is blackgte)

Anyway after they had filmed the bit about the Jensen, Jason was approached and ask for a photo of him infront of the Manta, He said we can do better than that and both he and Penny Mallory posed with the owner of the Manta for some shots, mine of which i'm sure i posted on here and sent to the Mag.

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I remeber that as well Ian, it was about three years ago as I was at the show as well. Seem to remeber Jason took your details as well as he suggested something may be comming up he needed a Manta for. I'm assuming nothing happened and what ever was planned got cancelled.

Also I do recall seeing the pictures on here and in Manta Magic.

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