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Cavalier Sportshatch


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Reluctantly i may have to sell my Cavalier Sportshatch to fund the purchase of a Manta as she who must be obeyed won't let me have three classic cars <_<

The Cav is a 1.6 GLS Sportshatch on a V reg, it was first registered in Feb 1980 and i have quite a bit of history with the car including the original bill of sale which states that it had an optional tow bar fitted & was Zeibart rustproofed.

The mileage is a believed genuine 59500 miles.

MOT is until end of May 2011 & there were no advisories last year. Currently on a SORN.

When i bought the car a couple of years ago it had been de-badged i have fitted correct badges now apart from the rear black panel but i do have the correct letters to fit the proper badge.

The interior is very good with no dashboard cracks and has the original Blaupunt MW/LW radio fitted.

Mechanically the car runs well, autochoke works on the carb and before the last MOT i fitted new steering rack gaitors.

Body wise the car has been fitted with bonnet pins in the past and i believe was subject to some restoration work and a re-spray some ten years ago.

The car looks very nice when polished but there is some minor rust bubbling at the base of the nearside front wing and offside rear wheel arch at the bottom.

None of the rust is serious the Zeibart rust proofing seems to have kept that at bay.

There is minor paint imperfections on the bonnet, roof & tops of the wings i believe these are caused by the car probably not having a bare metal re-spray in the past.

The car has been at Billing in 2009 & 2010 with the South Wales Manta section of the club.

I would rather that this car goes to a club member who would look after it as apart from the bonnet pins and rear badge it is very original.

I am looking for offers in excess of £900

Please call me on 07966319002 for more information if your interested.

Since the pictures below were taken the Car now has correct front badge and 1.6 GLS badges.






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Thanks for the nice comments guys :thumbup

I took some more pictures today to show the badges now fitted & also the areas of minor rust, i noticed that the mileage is now 60180.






This was how the car looked when i bought in 2009





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I am interested in the car,were are you in the country.

I am looking for a car to have fun in and tinker with untill my Cortina is finished and that will take me another 2 years.

Could you send me more pictures if you have them and a postcode to see how far away you are as i am in Pershshire.

Email Lamby957r@aol.com



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