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Another Lovley Sportshatch


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I saw that car at Billing 2010 and i thought mine was good but this one looked fantastic.

I would imagine with the money that's been spent on it the seller will be looking for a lot more than the starting price of £995.

Wonder what the reserve is?

Problem is it's a Cav so worth probably 40% less than the equivalent Manta. :(

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I think this one is for sale for £3500 on the Cavette owners club forum. I might be wrong but it's looks a lovely car and not many X plate Cav's around.

Please before we comment on the price think! the owner has the right to ask what they want for it :thumbup If it's worth that money it's sells if not the owner keeps it.

40% less than a Manta, not sure on that? Is an X Plated Manta B Hatch worth more? I would not pay that difference.

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I second Daves comment. It was very clean.

I'd be trying to offload about March, seems a strange time to advertise it now?

The thorny old subject of what a cars "worth" comes up again.

As James (stradacab) says the best time to sell would be the spring but in the sellers e/bay ad he says that he needs to sell due to using the car as his daily driver (what about the salt) :o & due to a growing family the car not being big enough.

Just after Xmas is usually a bad time to sell a car but if he can get close to his asking price of £3500 then i for one would be pleased as i may need to sell my Cav sportshatch to fund the purchase of a Manta B.

I think my Cavalier is "worth" about £1750 but realistically i'll be lucky to get any offers in excess of £1200 in the current economic climate. :(

Like a lot of others i will be watching the e/bay ad for the next eight days.

However at the risk of divorce i could end up soon with these two plus a Manta :)


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