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Original-Condition Gt/e Needed For Practical Classics Feature


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I'm putting together a big four-car feature for Practical Classics, looking at how the best European RWD coupes faced up to new opposition from Japan.

To best represent the Manta, I'd like to use a GT/E, in as close to original condition as I can find, to compare against a Ford Capri, Toyota Supra and Mitsubishi Starion. It's not a 'shootout' as such, just taking the pulse of the RWD coupe market in the mid-'80s and seeing which car is the most appealing.

I haven't got a date or location for the photoshoot as yet (I need to get the cars first!), so if you're interested in having your GT/E featured, send an email to me at samdawson_jps72@hotmail.co.uk, and if it's OK to use your car once we've got all the others and sorted the location with the photographer, it'll go in the mag!

Many thanks

Sam Dawson

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I haven't got an original condition GTE only an earlier SR Berlinetta, but am very interested in the article when it comes out, as I used to have a Mitsubishi Starion and a Manta GTE, so well done for trying to put this article together, should be a good read. I am sure there are plenty of members who can provide a good original GTE coupe from this club.


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