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Manta B Irmscher Round Wheel Arches Wanted!


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Well, Before my mate Alan badly hurt his back we were making him a Ascona/Manta hybrid with a 16v engine, I got as far as welding up the coupe and chopped the rusty front off and had the Ascona nose ready to go on. Part of the look of it was it had to be wider, Mk 1 Astra GTE plastic arches were advised as a good look (kev Abbot used them on a car iirc) and I bought a full set plus 3 random spares from a guy on Migweb. they are all in good condition and I was at the trial fitting stage when the job got put on hold because Alan broke his back.

That was 2 years ago and he still is not better, well enough to work but not to play silly buggers in the garage or drive an old car.

I sold the shell, but we still have lots of the bits. this topic reminded me we need to chat about getting rid of some more stuff as he probably needs the money and I really need the room.

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Rear arch


Front arch which would need fit a Manta b all the way to the front chin spoiler

Would need trimming to suit a Manta c,which is what i'm planning to do


Front arch again,showing the sweep that follows the valance



Pair of rear arches,been fitted and have some v slight damage to the inner edge but nothing the paint would'nt cover




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