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Edis 4 Setup For A Xe Lump ?


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easiest and quickest if you have no heater box is astra gte mk1 dizzy with standard manta coil and amplifier. if you have a heater buy a dizzy bracket off bigcliff and use a 1.8 dizzy on the front. :)

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My mate had an XE in his Capri a few years ago and used the EDIS and megajolt set up. It worked really well, didn't pink and was reliable. He bought a universal trigger wheel and bolted this to an alloy crank pulley and had slots to adjust the timing by rotating the wheel. My Ecotec powered car with carbs uses the earlier ESC unit from a Fiesta with an external Trigger wheel and doesn't use megajolt, just the Fiesta module and this also runs fine. One thing to remember though is that when you position your trigger wheel on your crank pulley, it doesn't have the gap in the teeth next to the Crank position sensor when at TDC... When my engine is at TDC the gap in the teeth is 90 degrees to the right of the Crank sensor. e.g If your CPS is mounted at 6 o'clock when looking at pulley, the gap should be at 9 o'clock . Hope this helps.... Luke

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