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Has Anyone Got/seen My Old Car Recently

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I was just wondering if my old car was still going or not.I saw it on Ebay a fair while ago but I don't know where it went after that.

Its a GTE Exclusive reg E313 YMB , it was bright orange with arches & revolutions & some (in hindsight badly chosen)black stripes over the top. Had a 3.0 24v Carlton GSI lump in it.

Is it out there?



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It's on sorn so is more than likely in someones shed and not been scrapped yet...

The enquiry is complete

The vehicle details for E313 YMB are:

Date of Liability 01 07 2011

Date of First Registration 01 01 1988

Year of Manufacture 1988

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 3000CC

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type Petrol

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status SORN Not Due

Vehicle Colour RED

Vehicle Type Approval

Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle

6 Months Rate £112.75

12 Months Rate £205.00

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ur name p dillon

yes E313 YMB is in my garage,i owned it for 8yrs,then stupidly let it go,it was original at that time

stripes have been ripped off,nothing else done at moment,but will be returning to O.E colour+new kit


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Yes thats me...

Glad you've got it back,at least I know it will be looked after now,I had heard rumours that the lad I sold it to didn't look after it so well.What sort of condition was it in when you got it back?

Do you mind me asking what you paid for it? I sold it for £6500 to him.



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picked it up in doncaster , he wanted 3000 ,didnt pay over the odds,but wife wanted car back,went down to see it,back next day with trailer

dont know if thats who u sold to?car still looks not bad

away to take off kit+put on new one,kits still ok,but want to basically restore whole car, engine out etc,new s/s man+exhaust

what brakes r on front,16v set up?u got any pics of car during+after

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Yeah,it was same person I sold it to,I vaguely know someone who knows one of his friends if you can follow that! :wacko:

Only photo's I have are a couple that I took when I got the car off you,then a couple after wards,never thought to take some of during...The kit was 2nd hand of unkown origin from a car that was in an accident.Only welding I did when I had it was the sills ,rear of wheel arches & rear valance.I made a right balls up of the rear valance,its under half a ton of filler...Sorry...The front Discs,pads & calipers were lifted straight off a Mk2 Astra 16vGTE with some adapters made up.

Think I got it off you in 2001/2?? not sure,sold it in 2006 so to be fair a lot could have been done to it since it left my hands...

Will remember it fondly as it was my 1st modified car and also took me on my 1st trip to the Nurburgring,got me there & back including 8 laps of the Northloop without batting an eyelid.

You'll have to send me some pics when you've restored her,would love to see some.



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