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A Few Parts For Sale


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Having a little bit of a clear out and need some space.

Kick Panels x 2 sets with some fitment plastic studs £5 + Postage


Original Door Mirrors, drivers with internal adjustment £10 + Postage


GTE Steering wheel Horn push £5 + P&P ONO


Radiator Fan Cowling (from GTE) £5 + Postage


Anti rollbar chassis struts £5 + P&P


5 Speed console with tape holder £25 + P&P ONO (Has been cleaned up since photo taken)



Lincolnshire, Nr Coningsby

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could i be cheeky and ask if you have the grommets that hold in the kick panels as well if so i will have them just let me know how much p+p is m8 many thanks

I will go and check them later today, as I know I have some of the grommets. If I haven't got all the grommets I can give you a website address that does them.

Checked them photos above I do have some grommets.

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I will pack and take to post office this week and let you know.


I have aquired a box and packing from work ;)

Will check Interparcel, and Royal Mail for best price.

Interparcel to FK3 0JJ best quote is £4.99 + VAT (Hermes UK Economy 3-5 day delivery). I have forgot my login, so will try again tonight when I can remember my login to hopefully get a cheaper quote

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I know you said collection prefered but would you reconsider and post the carpet set?

assuming you still have it


Yes I can post it if required, I will have to see what size of parcel/package I will need.

If you leave it with me I have a few ideas packages to try to keep the cost down (without damaging the item).

It's a pity I am not over that side of the country for a few months as I originate from Warrington. :rolleyes:

Can you give me a Postcode to estimate delivery costs........Cheers

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