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My A Series Project (When I Get It Home)


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This is my new A series Project , when i manage to find someone who could transport it from Croydon to Bicester ,oxon Anyone Help?

It is a 1600 but the engine is broken,Thinking of puttting in a monza engine or maybe a 2.4.It has been resprayed but the roof needs work from where somebody walked on it!

Overall its needs some work, but fairly sound,apart from engine. I new this car about 10 years ago, when it was family owned by the mother then the son and had been resprayed white,its now painted in its original colour




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Oh remember to keep that 1,6 crankshaft, if it isnt broken ! Thats gold ! Can make a very high reving 1,9 or 2,0 engine with such a crank !

If i was you i´d get hold of a 1,9 or 2,0 engine (preferably a 1,9 as this has better cooling) mount the crank from the 1,6 and the solid lifters, get a good Enem cam or maybe Kent Cam, and if possible a 2,2 or 2,4 head, put on a set of 45´s and watch that baby go :) 180bhp + @ 7000 rpm should´nt be a problem :)

Nice car by the way looks like it needs a bit of work, but looks nice thumbsup.gif

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Thanks for the messages .

Managed to get the A series picked up yesterday. Going to try and get the 1600 engine running if i can. Before taking it out as my 2.0 engine has got a stuck or bent valve, will have to take the head off and have a look.

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Some more pictures


the front end


the rear end (sorry its Dark)


the boot floor



the engine bay (Opel gt rocker cover)


The Blue interior

Problem areas


Under Air vent drivers side



The Roof ! might need a webasto roof ?


The Battery tray may need work


Core plug missing from engine

The brake pedal is like a rock when you push it ! think the brakes are going to need going over, may uprate them (whats the best caliper and disc to use?)

Also need to replace core plug and try and get engine to run (when i get some time).

Car needs a good clean and polish , some rust bubbles on one wheelarch.

just a small update for now.

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update on progress.

New core plug fitted bought an engine set off ebay straight forward to fit.

Had a go at starting the engine.Turns over on starter ok.No spark so checked points the contacts were green, no wonder no spark.Took them off and cleaned them ,we now have spark!

Engine now turns over and fires , no fuel reaching Carb.Put more petrol in the tank just in case as the fuel gauge dosen't work , another job to sort out .

Misting fuel into top of the carb and now it starts up and runs for a few seconds, still no fuel reaching carb,

disconnected fuel pipe by chassis rail and put pipe into fuel can,now the car starts and runs ok, so fuel pump is working,reconnected pipe still no fuel to carb.

disconnected pipe again used compressor to blow down pipe, tried again still no fuel to carb.

put wire down pipe to tank to try and clear any blockage, still no good ! may have to take the fuel tank off , unless anyone else has got any other ideas ?

The water pump has now started leaking from round the bearing ,will have to fit a new waterpump.Anyone got a new master cylinder as well ! also need some 2.2 vented Carlton discs for my Volvo 4 pot calipers.

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Oh that car looks good. The roof is a shame i think, but the rest of it is not too frightening at all thumbsup.gif

Regarding fuel, as the car look like it has been sitting still for some years. Take off the top of the carburattor (5-6 screws) and check the swimmer. If the carb has been dryed out, it is quite possible the swimmer is stuck. A good carb cleaning, and pour some petrol in the swimmer so you are certain that it can flowt. Put it back together and i am 99% certain you will get it running.

Regarding brakes, i myself are using 288mm Carlton GSi brakes and calipers. They are cheap, and big and will stop a freight train laugh.gif

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removed fuel tank and took out fuel gauge sender unit . noticed that mesh filter had split and the fuel pipe was blocked with sediment and crap out of bottom of tank.cleared the pipe and checked that the fuel gauge on the dash worked by moving float when plugged back onto earth and live,It didn't work,so sender unit duff anyway.

Luckily i had spare tank and nicked the sender unit out of it,which had good mesh filter and the fuel gauge worked.Replaced the tank and refilled with petrol.

The engine now starts and runs fine,shame the waterpumps leaking! and need to sort brakes out.



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Have now changed the water pump and works fine.Freed off the front caliper pistons and cleaned the discs.

Had to have a plate welded on floor passenger side above jacking point and some minor welding on drivers side jacking point and a small patch on rear of sill on inner wheelarch.

Had to Change the rear brake cylinders (used some larger Manta B ones) and changed the Brake fluid.

The solex carb is playing up a bit ,the secondary choke is slow to work hopefully it will free up with use,if not i will fit a weber carb i have spare.

So the Car has now passed its Mot,just need to tax it.

So will be taking it to Billing.

Next job ,doing something with the Roof to tidy it up.And plenty of polishing!

Pictures to follow

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Have Had my Manta a on the road last summer,then its sat in the garage since.Have plans to build a te2800 out of it,even though a lot of people say the engines to heavy.

have thought of fitting the monza engine with the fuel injection.And nearly went one better with a 3.0 24v engine still attached to a senator but coulden't pick it up quick enough and they let it go to scrap yard for chrushing Aaargh! oh well keep looking.

Have also since bought a LHD Manta A SR in ochre off a friend of mine,registered as a m reg 1973 car,even though i think its an earlier car,Has earlier 3/4 panel vents,wipers on dash switch not on column.and had floor button windscreen washer.Has only ever been welded when battery tray replaced.Needs a new headlining,new front door glass seals the strip that fits on top of door with ally strip.also maybe some new windscreen seals as their perished.Will put some pictures on soon.Has got MOT,just need to tax it.

Also still got the commodore b to get on with!

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