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The problem is that with the price of fuel these days you need someone who lives within a 10 mile radius of Kidderminster.

As for the car. IMHO

Good points.

Nice colour.

Low mileage with service history.

Bad points.

It's a 1.8

Its a base model?

Naff seats

Its a hatch & not a coupe

Its a 1986 Manta with a sunroof so beware the dreaded tin worm

Its a dealer so its overpriced otherwise it would have sold by now

However i quite like the look of the car so why not phone the dealer ask some questions about the car and offer him a silly price ;)

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I'm dubious of dealers and its a long way to go & ive allready emailed them twice without response, really I want a A or B plate GTE coupe ive had 2 hatches a GT and a berlinetta + a coupe but never had a coupe GTE so think ill wait 1 will come up. but it does look nice.


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It all depends what you want from a Manta and how much money you have.

If you really want a GTE then this one will always be second best to you,if you've only got £1k then it's too expensive,but

Dont dissmiss the 1800 Manta, they are very little slower than a GTE, they are just as well equiped and drive much the same, if you are looking for a Manta to polish,go to car shows with and take out for the odd sunday jaunt for a pub lunch then this Manta would fit the bill just right.

Low millage backed up by service history,no apparent rust,un-damaaged interior including unworn drivers seat,would have liked to see an under bonnet shot.

You would have to do a carefull inspection,making sure that it hasn't been 'expertly bodged' in other words the apparently perfect paint is hiding filler in a rust hole,though in the photo's there is shot of the sunroof and that appears rot free and that is one place that nearly always rusts and is very hard to 'cover up' so this Manta stands a good chance of being genuinly rust free.

I think the price is about right, the magazine price guides have GTE Manta's at over £3k. so an 1800 hatch at just over £2k cant be too far out, I think this Manta has been at the dealer for some time and was priced higher so you might be able to drive a hard bargin if the dealer would like to move it on.

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