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40Mm Or 55Mm Lowered?


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hi guys quick question i am goin to get spax suspension for my gte hatch and i want it to be low but not so low that it hits the bumstops and scrapes with someone in the back so which should i choose?

thanks for the help :rolleyes::thumbup

hello mate,

i had -40 mm suspension on my last coupe ('88 exclusive), i was running 205/40/17 wheels and had no problems at all. i have just received a set of -55mm springs that i bought for my '86 exclusive hatch off ebay for £93! i haven't fitted them yet as i'm hording parts for fitting during the warmer weather. i will be keeping the original 14" wheels and don't expect many issues even before i change the standard shocks.

if your looking for a good stance -40 is enough i would only go lower if your aiming for extreme looks and this doesn't always benefit the handling so be warned.

hope this helps


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