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thanks bud gives me a good idea what ime up against,,,,, i just been thinking about running a tube out of the cylinder nearest the bulkhead with 1 piece of tube bent 90 degree so its forwards facing,, each cylinder it passes cut a hole in the tube with appropriate size holesaw and tig em up,

when it gets to the required place at front of the engine bend it downwards ,up to this point sort of running just above and along the chassis it would mean the outlet length of the tube could maybe be a bit longer i dont know if this would restrict flow ?could have it running downwards as it goes forwards slightly with each cylinders pipe slightly longer than the previous

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Hi opel2000 is right it is a bit of a push to get an exhaust that flows well and doesn't land up strangling all the power from the motor. When I was doing my V8 I got alot of advice from a guy who used to build race engines. One of the key elements he told me for getting the V8 to breath was to ensure 'as much as possible' that the first 3-4 cm of the exhaust from the cylinder face should be at 90 degrees to the face.


Its not that clear in the photo whilst I dont think I achieved the right length the length was similar for each port. The only way I achieved this is by making the chasis rails triangular, to create more space. I did purchase a lot of heat wrap to put on the manifolds to keep under bonnet temps down, it was either that or have the only V8 powered grill for cooking your lunch on the bonnet :lol:

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Hi there.Would appriciate some advice.I have Manta B with 2.0cih. I'm lost in thoughts whether it should be 2.4cih or 3.5 Rover engine swap.

2.4Cih is offered for 65euros from a scrapyard.I have 5gear transmission and 3.0 12V intake manifold.Don't have clucth,and propshaft for it in the right length.To make propshaft -some 90euros.I have original Manta/Ascona B lsd,not installed yet.To make engine run-up to 250euros.

But there is a chance to get 3.5l V8 engine from SD1 for 100euros with manual transmission,maybe with rear axle too.The engine needs to be rebuilt. Rovers and especially V8's are very rare here,in Latvia.So,spare parts are quite expensive.

Engine originally was with automatic transmission,so the flywheel is missing.It can be made for 140euros here from duralumin.So,propshaft -again for 90euros.

So,the exhaust manifolds and pipies in materials-200euros.Other problem,the engine is one of late models with injection,but the wires are cut off,no standard ecu.So-I should get setup for carburetor or Megasquirt fuel injection.That would cost quite a lot.

Car should be running on September.

Would Manta B rear axle with lsd take the 3.5l torque?

Is it possible to swap Rover V8 with manual transmission(also rover) without bodywork,enlarging tunel?

Maybe there are some tips,good description of swap?

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ok so when fitting a v8 into a manta apparently i need custom engine mounts does anybody have pics of the type of thing required?

will a manta rad be up to the job and will it fit with the rover v8 lump ?

ive read somewhere i can use a ford 5 speed box with the right bellhousing is this correct

and lastly is there a kit available to fit a v8 into a manta

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