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The A Comes To Life!

Manta again

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  • 2 months later...

Ok, a while since the last update. The engine has now been rebuilt by people who knew what they were doing. So whilst it was an unexpected expenditure of the thick end of £700, at least now when its up and running there won't be any worries about it going bang. Whilst the car is away we have decided to also have it resprayed as there are one or two small areas that need attention. Last time it was resprayed we kept the car the same colour but this time we fancy a change so current thinking is to go for the colour below which is basically Lotus Exige Orange 1520(The one without the pearl).

Have always loved the look of an Orange A series.


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  • 3 months later...

The strip down of the A for its new paint has started, with the main result being that Simon found the long lost £37 in my wife's purse :lol: which had been missing since 2003.

Overall there has been very little rot discovered so far which is a relief, any how here's some pics of how she is now.





We keep changing our minds on the colour at the moment choices are stay the same, orange or Kawaski Green??????

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Sorry to hijack your thread a bit Richard,

Glad you like it tony, It does have chrome wheels, full feature in Total Vauxhall soon.

Look forward to seeing that Simon, I keep a pic of that car on my phone with the engine out and the smooth look under the bonnet. Gives me inspiration :)


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  • 6 months later...

Long time since the last update but life has been busy and Simon has been working hard on getting the A ready. The body work was in pretty good order as most of the panels were repaired in 2000. However there was a bit of a shocker when it came to the doors. Last time the car was resprayed it wasn't taken back to bare metal so this little beauty wasn't discovered.




Here's a little taster of how the car looks in paint, can't wait to see the car in the flesh but I just know I'm going to be blown away.




There maybe some of you out there think I have taken the easy route to getting our A done but in reality I would never of been able to find the time to carryout the work and the thought of  another A becoming an unfinished project just wasn't on.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Bit more of an update, its really starting to come together now, thanks to all Simons effort. Its amazing how many parts you suddenly need to get hold of to finish things off. Especially when you buy a complete unassembled engine, only to find out its not very complete.!!!!!




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