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Lhd Redtop Rally Project


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Hi there,

With a wedding looming, I'm thinking of selling my rally project car which I've owned for the last 15 odd years. The base chassis is a Dutch 1976 B Manta coupe which has had quite a bit of welding done when I got it about 15 years ago. We put in a 2ltr 16V Redtop engine which was totally rebuild by myself and a friend who worked at VeGe (company that rebuilt all these engines for Opel in Holland). It has a rally clutch and a big bore exhaust which make a very aggressive noise. I start it regularly to keep the engine in good nick, but the brakes (Volvo 2 piston) need an overhaul to make it proper drivable again.The interior has been removed, with just a bucket seat and a Recaro seat left in. It has yellow Koni shockers and Merwede rally springs. It was exported from Holland in 1998 (or there abouts), but in the end never registered in the UK (but this should not be a problem as I have all the documents required). I did a track day in it when it first came to the UK (trailered) and since have used it a few times on a gravel track which was brilliant fun. It was my intention to turn it into a stage rally car and I've sourced various bits over the years (incl cage), but never got round doing the work. It has been dry stored all this time and overall is not in a bad shape and could be a good base for a project.

I have an enormous amount of spares with it, including a 2ltr injection engine with loads of injection parts, bonnets, boot lids, bumpers, drive shafts and other stuff I can't remember as it has been in storage for so long.

Now I have no idea what it would be worth to someone, but I would love to hear some reactions with suggestions. If it doesn't sound too bad, I'll take some pictures and I'll have a look what is all there, if it is peanuts, it will not help the wedding and I may as well keep it in the hope that one day I'll find the time to tackle it.

So please let me know what you think!




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