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The Good Old Days


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Hello, Dave here from what used to be DPRS,

Thought Id revisit the good old days after recently testing at Bruntingthorpe it jigged my memories of My Manta days and 16valve and 16valve turbo power.

Im now in the modern era working with a Uk company who manufacture brakes from road cars to WRC where I support Citroen and their Championship challenge.

The Manta times were great, really good people in the club, not like to today, I had a flurry with VXR working for 888 but some of the owners of GM, VXL, Opel sports vehicles are into dyno bhp figures and shiny bits more than pure driving pleasure !

Hope all those that know me are fit and well, and those that dont,

Enjoy that RWD fun, they dont make em like they used to anymore, too fat too heavy now !

An Astra VXR can weigh near 1400kg fully loaded, My Manta Turbo weighed just 1080 kgs !!! you do the maths LOL



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Hi Dave, It was your Mantas that were featured in the magazines I was reading before I could afford a car, I was at college and had only just passed my test. It was very early 90s and Fast car, Max Power and Street machine were my bibles, Those were the days before all those publications went off the rails and featured chavs and their seat covers.

I suppose your Mantas inspired me and made me want a Manta more than any other car and here i am almost 20 years later still got Mantas, still restoring/modifying and generally faffing about with them.

Cheers for the blast from the past !

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Hi Dave, nice post, i remember your turbo Manta when it was in Max Power and was blown over by it, i still have the mag.

It was and still is an inspiration car much like Pete Narancics car was back in the day.

Do you remember Grahame in Bradford who had all the Manta/Ascona stuff? I was talking to him a while ago and he too misses the scene.

What happened to the shell as i know the engine was pulled?


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Hi Kevin and Cheers Paul , nice to know I made an Impression

As far as I know the car is still alive in Bradford somewhere although Im not sure if it has ever run again since I sold it,

The only reason I sold it was to move into the modern Era with the Calibra but the whole scene started to change once the inception of mulit electronics and the like came in.

To this day its the car I wished Id kept !

I now drive an Astra CDTI estate ! mind you its pretty good after Ive breathed on it a bit ! I have to admit.

I remember Graham yes, his garages and cellar were full of classic bits LOL !

I have recently been testing the I robot :lol: ( Nissan GTR), and whilst its a very fast and good car it doesnt have the real connection to the track for me that my Manta Turbo Had.

The Manta had full 400 running gear so it handled the power easy.

Back when I tested the car at Bruntingthorpe the 0-60 was 5.5 seconds and vmax was 155mph, that was on 250bhp and 250 lbft torque and standard road tyres.

I did some good work with the Astra VXR a few years back but it just isnt the same without RWD

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