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Propshaft Donut


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Hi, I've just rebuilt my axle with an lsd and poly bushes. Everything fine then I had a look under a few days later and noticed oil leaking between the torque tube and axle, pretty annoying since I fitted a new pinion seal a week ago.

On closer inspection I've noticed the pinion shaft inside the torque tube lying down pretty tight in the donut. This will explain my oil leak but why is it not sitting in the middle of the donut?

Can anyone shed any light on this? Have I made an arse of putting together the torque tube?


Thanks, Peter.

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It might be that the rubber donut has gone crap, they can soften with age and sag.

There is a bearing in a pressed steel holder in the donut, you can remove the bearing and its holder from the rubber and put it in a new rubber easily.

I have one very good used rubber donut but its in the van to go the the Coventry autojumble on sunday.

I replace the bearing at the same time normally, they are a common easy to find size that can be bopught for a few quid and cause a lot of the whine in the transmission if they are old and worn.

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