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1800 Hatch


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Not owned by me. Owner is need of cash and looking for quick sale. Unfortunately I reckon its a little overpriced for a quick sale.

Anyway in the interest of others I had a look and its actually quite tidy. Did it belong to anyone one here before?

Near side wing has been damaged and poorly repaired and off side wing has dent under headlight/behind bumper.

Current owner decided to paint the sills and about 2 inches of the bottom of the doors in matt to help disguise the rough doors but in all honesty they were not that bad and he should have left them alone.

Interior is in good condition with no wear to seats but discoloured irmscher wheel and behind the old cavvy wheeltrims is the standard hatch GT steel wheels which are missing the centre caps.

It has a sunroof which is rust free and has standard stereo. No Blitz badge on nosecone and metal tray under headlights/above bumper is missing so I assume its had some work at some point. I didnt lift up carpets but the floor looks good and no obvious evidence of welding but I can dig deeper if anyone is interested.

Chassis legs are in surprisingly good condition .. for a 1988 hatch with a sunroof!

its registered 1988 Mot is up at end of this month and SORN'd at the moment.

Wants 1800 for it and is in Glasgow but Im sure he would be open to offers. Far too good for parts!!!! If I had a job I would risk the divorce and buy it just to save it but no cash ....

some pics I took before the rain and snow started!! ... and link to gumtree add with his contact details.








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You should probably advise your mate to sell the private plate first, i'd agree the price is too high so he'd get closer to what he's after by selling the plate and adding that to his total. Also in his gumtree ad, this won't be tax exempt it was frozen to pre-1973 car's in 1998 unfortunately.

Never the less, I hope it goes to a good home, it'd be a good platform once it's been tidied up to match it's low miles.

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