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Window Guide Removal


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Er, Sam mate,I think that bit is bonded into place.

I've known the odd one to become unbonded by whatever, but never actually tried to remove the metalbit off the door glass myself.

I'm assuming you have new door glass you are trying to fit, if so then one choice would be to break the old glass in order to get the metal bracket thing, unless someone knows how to break the bond.

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if you are changing it for a new piece make sure you take measurements where the old one went. As for getting it off try wd 40 on the rubber, then get a block of wood and hammer put the edge of block on the runner and tap off or just try to get it moving once it moves carry on with the wd40 and carry on tapping it will be tight, if you think this is bad wait till you come to fit the new one. You could always take it to your local windscreen place and they will do it or you.

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Reet, the story is this:-

The one fitted to my motor for the last 20 odd years is a coupe one & as we all know, dick about all you want it is impossible to get a proper fit all round.

The incredibly sexy Andy Rutts managed to find me an actual hatch glass in clear, but as you can just about make out in the piccy the metal guide is damaged at one end.

I suppose I should get the coupe one out & see exactly how much is broken off, maybe I can get this one to fit as it is.... Mmmmmmm might be worth a try <_<

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Cheers mikemanta, the WD40 did the trick, sprayed lots in on Friday & again this morning.

Made a little plastic wedge & tapped it between the glass & metal guide, eventually it gave way & slid off lovely.

So get the coupe glass out & see how much trouble it it is going to be to remove the guide.

UNLESSS.... Have any of you guys got a spare guide that I could use?

Cheers all, Sam.

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