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My Old Cars Any News Plus The Departed Ones!

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Hi, any one got or knows where or owns any of these UCO 431L 1972 A Series, ORU 757M 1974 1.9 SR, YYC 969N 1974 1.9 LUXUS, LPR 78P 1975 1.9 SR B SERIES. Also list of the cars i broke: XDL 134K 1.9 HOLIDAY, JOU 972P 1.6 A SERIES, TPC 111M 1.9 SR AUTO, HPB 429N 1974 BERLINETTA, FOT 246X 1974 1.9 SR (IMPORTED) PRU 924R 1976 A SERIES AMERICAN IMPORT, LWD 13L 1972 1.9 SR, OEL 26M 1974 1.9 SR, EEL 54L 1973 1.9 SR, RYD 924L 1972 1.6 AUTO, GNC 438N 1974 LUXUS, GOT 668K 1.9 HOLIDAY, SOR 749M 1.9 BERLINETTA, FRU 260L 1972 1.9 SR, SRU 269R 1975 1.6S, HJT 670N 1974 BERLINETTA. HRU 566N 1974 1.9 SR, KYA 110N 1974 1.6 S, HJT 665N 1974 1.9 LUXUS, ALJ 403K 1972 1.9 SR, ALJ 406K 1972 1.9S, AEL 882K 1972 1.6S, YRU 769K 1971 1.9S, to be continued. Sorry if your car is on this list but they were either rotten, crashed, beheaded or rallied.

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