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Safety Devices Roll Cage/ Cavalier Superspor Hatch


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hi there does anybody have any pics of how the modern safety devices roll cage with the double diaganol and harness bars fits in a manta we bought the cage from the vboa spares day off of one of the club secreterys i think his name was mark but me and my mate cant get our heads round where the plates have to be welded in or if theres any cutting to do of the rear bulk head it mounts nothing like the old type safety devices cage with the single diagonal also does anybody know where thecavalier supersports hatch moulds ended up i know that most of the moulds from magard and then pmc went to the dsg but nobody knows where the cavalier ones ended up? any help would be much appreiciated!

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In what way does the cage you have not line up with the shell?

I think all the Safety Devices Bolt in 6 point Manta cages fit in the same places, new or old style

Normally the main hoop feet need a triangular bracket that sits from the top of the sill to the rear seat crossmember like bellow


The rear legs sit on the rear inner wheel tubs


These can either be with a plate on the bottom of the foot with bolt holes, or a captive nut inside the leg and a bolt that comes through from outsie the car

The front legs will need towers that sit level with the sill tops.

From memory all the cages were designed for non-sunroof cars so if you have a factory fitted sliding sunroof nothing will line up right.

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your pics are the same as my old cage for my ascona but the cage weve got has a double diagonal and the rear legs sit inside the arches, not on the arches but not sure if were meant to drill it through into the boot space it also comes with 6 mounting plates 2 of which are like half moons and it sits through the dash not in front like the older cage the rear legs dont have plates on as though you have to weld them so it could be a semi weld in cage because the saddles are still on the b posts to bolt together, ill try ang get some pics tommorow

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It should fit then, be aware that they are supposed to fit a non sunroof shell but you can fit them to a sunroof shell but it will lower the cage by about 2" and you will knock yourself out on it when you get in and out of the car.

I heard that roll cages cause more deaths by heads hitting them in an accident as road car users do not wear a lid :huh:

I do however have a cage in my coupe and it has made the car stiff as fook

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I think i've seen a Manta roll cage that the rear legs go through into the boot in one of Steve Titmuss's rally cars

But i can't find any pics of it, so not sure what make it was

I'm sure he'll be along soon to add his experience about cages.

Are the rear legs long enough to reach to the axle tunnel? (assuming there was nothing in their way)

Also are the bottom of the rear legs just bare tube or do they have anything up inside them?

Don't think anyone produces a cage that is bolt and weld-in so there must be a way of bolting rear feet on

I have seen a bmw cage where the rear leg mounts come seperate and have to be attached once the cage is assembled in the car

Not sure if this is so they reach the floor exactly, or some other reason

Here's a pic of the BMW cage


Presume they need bolting in place and you need to drill the hole yourself at the appropriate place

Seems a bit odd to reach through to the axle tunnel in a coupe when the tank is mounted back there already

There is room to mount to the tunnel and keep the tank in its original positon but its a lot more work than it fitting the arches

What is the car going to be used for by the way?

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its got the legs like the picture of the bmw cage but without the sockets to mount to the floor on, but the front legs also go down to the front inner wheel arches rather than just down to the inner sill on the A post, the car is going to be mainly used on track days with very occasional road use, im going to get some pics later so ill post them then.

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