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What The Eck Is This?

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I do hope you are joking with your request !!!????

If not then easy way to explain would be to tell you to sit in your car with the door shut,

then stretch out your right arm , and put your hand in the little binacle thing thats under all the handles !

More commonly known as a door pocket. :)

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Cheers "energy", those Recaros were hand covered by a friend of mine, they are rather nice.

And, I'm bidding on bugger all, I don't want any modern muck, anyway they are the wrong colour.

Truck on guys, hoping to be back at Billing this year.

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Hi Plumster,

Feck thi door pocket,litter bin, money box, tool box, first aid kit box, choci box!!! jist hivin awe DROOL ower yur re covered items Stunning. :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup

Defo no door pockets in ma auld SR Vynl trim fae window doon past interior shut handle and lower section had vertical ribbed sections which stops short owe bottom owe door,also integral chrome bead which divided panel.

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Just found this and have to say that red interior is definately WELL PENG!...... Aiiiiiii. ( What the hell is PENG?) I'll have to watch Eastenders to see if Phat boy uses this expression. More pictures of the red interior please...... Luke.

Do both trouser legs reach down to the ankles or is one of them rolled up to just below the knee?

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