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Twin Headlamp Woes Help!


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Aftermarket twin lamp pods for the Manta were (or correctly put) Some were fitted with Lucas type sealed beam headlight bulbs, these were mounted into a plastic retainer/nest/mounting bezel whatever, Demon Tweekss used to sell these, now NLS

The nice thing about these is that sealed beam units are readily available, and I have some ready to mount into my Lamp pods, also sealed beam units are relatively cheap, but i cannot find a source for the plastic holders.

OR I can readily find the 5 3/4" lenses that have the 3 clips on the back that mount into the lamp pods as originally intended, but finding it an absolute balls ache to cobble up some fittings to mount these onto the lamp pods.

Ideally a complete set of quad lights in good condition would do the job, but I'm not prepared to pay the stupid amount of cash these are going for when I have my pods painted and mounted and have all necessarry bulbs etc, all I need is to be able to mount the fooking bulbs/lenses into the pods.

The other thing is, I have only ever had one set of original Later type lamps and pods for the Manta and all the mounting fittings were pretty much stuffed and as I wasn't too fussed about these at the time i took no notice of how everything was mounted, as such I have no idea how the original later lenses mounted into/onto the pods with those nylon type adjusters, can anyone post a picce up please.

I've tried using "exclusive opels" arrangement from one of his previous posts but didn't seem to strike a great deal of success.

This area has always been a bind, and always always been an absolute pain in the ass.

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I have this ass ache going on as well, I have 4 headlamp units with the three little metal hook/slot/holder things on the back but nothing to put into these things.

I have seen a small plastic thing that slides under the metal clip and has a female ball in it, the male ball is on the end of a length of m6 threaded bar that the spring and funny little cone shaped plastic nut fits to But I have no idea what make or model of car had these fitted, I have seen one once though so I know it exists.

It is getting to the point that I need to fit the lamps but have not found out what car has this clever ball socket/thread arrangement.

I have been thinking I might make something up that works using m6 threaded bar with a hook welded on one end to fit in the metal clip holder on the back of the lamp.

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I'm in the same boat guys - Demon Tweeks used to sell them - Cibie mounting rings for the 5 3/4 inch lamp units but are now discontinued. I have tried 5 3/4 mounting baskets from Europa but they are wide a diameter when fitted to slide into the mount - need a mounting ring where the adjustment screws are fully behind the lense unit when fitted - the baskets are too wide

Let me know how you get on - would probably be worth Cibies time to remanufacture them at this rate - I need 4!

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Could you use A series headlight holder?

They are metal so could be adapted and welded to a more appropriate bracket for the B.

Lights are held in by a chrome ring that screws to the backing, but I'm sure you're inventive enough to make it work for a B!

Happen to have some spares of them n all somewhere.

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when mine broke i just cut the head off a stainless bolt put a groove in the threads and araldighted the bolt to the light. lasted for 4 years upto yet. used stainless washers and springs also :rolleyes: .

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Sealed beam unts don't give that much light compared to modern 5 3/4" lamps like these HERE

There's a nice guide in this months club mag showing how to make fancy versions of the lamp holders that were originally plastic

I use M8 studs with slots cut in at an angle (like Rutts) hook 3 of these on each lamp, then washers and springs on each.

Push them through the plastic backing and nuts go on from the back to adjust the angle of the lamp

You want fairly stiff springs to stop the lamp and beam wobbling around over bumps.

I've run this setup on my rally car for the last several years without a single issue :thumbup

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Thanks MantaDoc, very tempted TBH as I had a set of these a few years back but fortunately they got sold for £20.00 and the recipient was an i200 being restored so they were very correct for the vehicle.

These are the best version of twin lights ever, as they are so damn easy to adjust after easy removal of the fron bezel. only downside of these is the bezel can be easily distorted by as you say overtightening, but can be slightly sorted out with a heatgun.

More i think on these MantaDoc the more i'm interested, how much would you be looking for and how the hell did you mount the sealed beam units into these?

Failing that.....

I will have to look into the threaded bar arrangement.

Mantasrme..... I was looking at that exact Ebay listing myself last night, after hours of scouring the internet for a way to mount sealed beam or even the cibie/hella/whatever type lenses.

Thanks for replies fella's all very much appreciated.

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Mounting wise, they have two rings that screw together, I will take some pics for you Friday.

As it the was these days I would rather swap than take peoples money. Same boat and all that, these things aren't about the cost anymore it's all about need and availability

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Sealed beam unts don't give that much light compared to modern 5 3/4" lamps like these HERE

I have four of those on mine, relayed as well for optimum output. As each of those takes an H4 and a sidelamp you can have 4 main beams, 4 dips, and 4 sidelights (note - 4 dips is illegal in the UK the rest is alright)

Clive, I have the later type lamps and took these pics when I stripped and rebuilt them.

The old lamp units showing the 3 mounting holes for the plastic rods:


New lamp (same as those Ebay ones) next to old lamp. Mounting brackets near enough identical, tiny bit narrower but you can bend them a bit with needle nose pliers:


New lens convex, old one much flatter:


Old lens with original mounts and springs. These are really really brittle, they sort of snap into place and the ends break off them leaving you with a floppy lamp. Thought about making something to replace these, but could never come up with a solution I was happy with. Thought of several variations but nothing I liked. Luckily my plastic rods were in passable condition.

I replaced the springs, make sure you use stiff ones or you will fail the MOT for insecure lamps.


Look great fitted IMO, inner one slightly darker there as it's got no bulb in it for that pic


Love having 4 sidelights:






I really do need to try again at making some steel headlamp retainers though because mine are so close to falling to bits it's untrue.

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I have odds and ends off old head light units as I replaced all mine also a passenger side twin plastic type as I bought the irmsher ones so if anyone wants the old lamps that are any good or pas side twin pm me you can have them

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